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Congratulations on taking your first step towards finding your new forever home and achieving greater wealth through property investment.

Over the last 3 decades we have been working with literally 1,000‘s of people from all walks of life who have made the decision to create abundance in their future by investing in property. In that time we’ve helped many to build valuable property portfolios to become ‘Property Millionaires’.

As a business we’ve further assisted many people to find and secure their next ‘dream home’ or to divest themselves of their large family home and downsize to a more appropriate dwelling.

Our aims have always been simple.

They're about helping you to create wealth and prosperity through great investment

From these experiences, matched with extensive research and the extensive intellectual collateral of many other leading property investment professionals, that we have developed the full range of programs to ensure our clients are “Property Acquisition Ready” with strategic planning, funding, legal and accounting advice.

We extend you our invitation to learn more about how we at Enterprise Property Agents will assist you with formulating your investment strategies and provide you with the appropriate information about the markets, the education to empower your growth and the understanding, community and opportunities that can fast track you to achieve financial freedom through strategic property investment.

Our motto is Information, Education and Understanding, to give you, our client and business partner the skills, strategies, resources and support to succeed in building your successful property portfolios.

‘Our business ethic is totally dedicated to the benefit of our clients’

Enterprise Property Agents

Are Professional Property Brokers and Strategic Alliance Partners of the Investment Institute and Powerhouse Property Groups, We work with a wide range of people who’re either looking for that special new home to downsize or relocate or with our many investor clients looking to build their successful property portfolios.

Wealth Building Strategies

Enterprise Property Agent’s business model is built on providing ongoing and fulfilling property investment strategies to build wealth and prosperity through property.

We are totally dedicated to providing a full range of strategic property acquisition, advocacy and development services to clients up and down the Australian East Coast and beyond.

Quality Property

Working with clients on a daily basis, we are continually analyzing, planning and fully strategizing their property portfolios and then sourcing, financing and ultimately acquiring quality property as investments to add to our client’s portfolios or to occupy as their principal places of residence.

Our End Goals

Our whole aim at Enterprise Property Agents is focused buyer representation. Putting your needs first and foremost. Our thousands of property transactions have armed us to be fully informed and confident to achieve success for you with that perfect new home or investment.

We want to see your strategies result in wealth creation for now and the future.

You need a plan and the tools

to implement to Meet Your Goals

Your weeks and months of searching, inspecting property after property, missing out because you were “misled” by the selling agent and the ongoing frustration and stress that this causes, ARE OVER!

Understanding your needs

Our approach to property buying starts with a no cost and no obligation personal consultation to explore your thoughts and ideas. During this pre-strategic planning process we will work with you to ensure the validity of your ideas and help you to identify and arrive at your achievable and realistic goals. Our team’s long experiences in the East Coast markets give you the confidence that we know where to source the style and price of what you the ideally want. We will advise on the current state of the market in relation your requirements and identify all of the costs involved in the buying process.

Strategic Planning to Qualify your Goals.

Plan your goals with an expert.

Map out each step in detail.

Call on your expert team to qualify each step.

Start ! Take Action.

Check each step taken to verify that it has worked as planned.

Review your goals and check you're on course to achieve success.


Who We Are

Initially established as a local property finder in the mid ‘90s, we are a leading Australian East Coast Buying Agent and Property Consultancy. We work to find you, the buyer, the right property to invest or live in and negotiate on your behalf to get you the best terms and conditions, including the best price, to buy without stress.

Our access to off market properties from those selling agents in the know means that we will probably be able to show you properties that aren’t formally listed on the internet.


"Jack Henderson and his team found me a property that met all my identified criteria. They provided me with all the data and information I needed to make an informed decision. I was very pleased with the result."

"All of this happened while I was living in Malaysia and, in fact, was on a holiday at an island resort! I would recommend Jack’s team to anyone who is new to the property market or who does not have the huge amount of time required to do proper research.”

"Throughout this process I was impressed with the quality of information – photos, floor plans, etc. All documents were presented quickly and easily via email, all I had to do was read, decide and sign. At no stage did I feel pressured to buy! Throughout the process, Jack was easygoing and understanding of my preferences and concerns, and fully accessible for a discussion, chat, sounding board, whatever."

What We Do


Critically, investment success is about finding property in an environment where demand from both owner occupiers and tenants (thus investors) exceeds the supply available of suitable properties.

The only other variable is price ~ increasing.

Our business is to find you that property, within your budget


Growth in property value is driven by a positive imbalance of supply vs demand.

However there is away to produce growth by adding value to your home or investment.

That's generally by refurbishment, renovation, reconstruction or demolition and development.

Whatever your strategies may include, we will assist and support your journey to success.


It Always Gets in the Way

You know what its like on the property hunt.

The endless research: RealEstate.com, Domain and the rest, hour after hour, night after night till you find a few possibilities.

Weekend after weekend and weekdays/nights looking, looking, looking. Sooo confusing trying to remember which one had what desirable element.

Talking with the agents, who generally treat you as a number.

"What's your name and phone number? How much money do you have? Etc etc etc."

Then its try and find out the truth of what will buy it. Will you have enough or will it


Then its private negotiations and/or the dreaded auction process.


And it finally goes for much more than you budgeted on and you can't afford it.


Well, we will do all that for you and protect you from the stress and strain.

Further, we'll probably be much more successful and win you the competition.



Find Your Balance.

Set Your Goals.

Take A Challenge.

Reward Yourself.

Simply tell us a little bit about yourself. Lets us know what you want, a beautiful next home to live in or an investment to add value to you future wealth. We'll take it all from there

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